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21 Day Challenge is a program that is designed to kickstart or reboot your health journey.

How it works:

After you have successfully signed up, you will be sent a welcome email with the RTC app login details.  Then, your mission has begun.

Within a couple days, you will receive a list of healthy habits to ignite.  Your job is to choose one (or two if you are ambitious) habit and focus on doing that habit successfully for 21 days.

Plus, you will have workouts to do every day.  The exercises are equipped with videos and descriptions.  You can go at your own pace but try to get it all done in 21 minutes (set your timer and move).

The RTC App and Membership Portal


21 Days of access on the RTC app

A great way to take your fitness wherever you go. No more limitations with location! Plus, the app has tons of great features!

Meal plans & recipes
These provide a guide for building a healthy plate with proper proportions.
21 Days of Accountability

Accountability & consistency are proven to produce better and longer results.  The RTC app helps maintain consistency through daily check-ins with push notifications. Plus, we are family. The RTC Facebook group and the RTC app messenging center are great tools we use to stay connected to each other and build community.

21 Pieces of Nutrition information

A simple yet effective NUTRITION PROGRAM that can help you overcome yoyo dieting. We will guide you through the basics of nutrtion to get you started on the right foot. Your journey is only as good as the foundation. We will help you build a firm foundation!

21 Days of at home WORKOUTS

These easy-to-follow workouts will guide you through every squat! The workouts are supported through video demos and descriptions of the exercises so you don't have to rely on imagination and Youtube. We will help you build your confidence in the workout world!

Access to the RTC Facebook group

Community is an essential part of every life-change and adventure. Plus, life is more fun with friends. We can encourage and joke with each other to alleviate the pain of change!

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See Prices 

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After sign up, you will be directed to pay for the program through our safe payment system PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account, a regular credit/debit card will do).  After payment is complete, you will receive a welcome email to explain what to do next!