Increased Accountability and Consistency

Accountability & consistency are proven to produce better and longer results.  The RTC app helps maintain consistency through daily check-ins with push notifications.

Plus, we are family. The RTC Facebook group and the RTC app messenging center are great tools we use to stay connected to each other and build community.

Detailed Nutritional Coaching

An easy-to-follow NUTRITION PROGRAM that can help you overcome yoyo dieting.  Teaching someone what, how much, & when to eat is much more effective than a simple "Just eat this" approach.

You will learn progressive daily habits and skills that build your arsenol, so you will be able to combat the challenges of life!

Meal plans & recipes & and infographics

These provide a guide for building a healthy plate with proper proportions. Plus, they will help you overcome food boredom!

Knee Strengthening Exercise Program

These workouts are especially geared to strengthen and stabilize the knees. 3 times per week for 30-45mins. The gym workout plans use the equipment normally found in a gym: machines, free-weights, bosu ball, stability balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. The at-home workouts use minimal equipment: sliders, stability ball, kettlebells, bench/box, light set of dumbbells (5-25lbs), mini bands, long bands (15-65lbs, 42in diameter), and foam roller.

Nutritional lessons (NOT DIETS)

Lessons that teach the critical aspects of healthy eating, including:

  • How much protein, fats (good & bad), carbs are you suppose to eat to lose weight?
  • What about supplements?
  • How stress can impact your health
  • How to eat for your body type
  • Etc.
The ability to track your progress

The ability to track and view results of exercises, circumference measurements, & body weight changes is motivating and encouraging.

Everyone wants to see the results of their effort.

The RTC app allows for easy viewing a your body's progress.