The Coronavirus has hit hard, so RTC has determined to provide a way to maintain good health! 

Join Virtual Boot Camp from the comfort of your home or on the go!


Class times:

Mondays 6:00 pm

Wednesdays 12:15 pm

Fridays 6:00 pm

Classes are 40 mins

Body weight exercises

Moderate to high intensity

Please sign up on the form below before starting your first class.  You do NOT need to sign up before each class.

Classes will be accessed through Zoom.  You can access Zoom through your web browser at (i.e. Google chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).  You may also download the Zoom app for your mobile device or computer (a Windows app is also available).  Navigate to "join a meeting" and insert the Meeting ID below.

The Meeting ID will ALWAYS be: 8833275574

To access subsequent classes, navigate to the Zoom website or app at the scheduled times and simply use the same Meeting ID.

Thank You and Enjoy!