1. Through a personal, one-on-one, consultation, you will choose a package that best fits your goals (nutrition coaching, program design, blue, or gold).
  2. Payment will be taken (typically through PayPal).
  3. The package chosen determines what support you will receive from your coach. There is no sense in paying for something that will not accelerate the journey of reaching your goals.
  4. Upon receiving payment, you will receive an email welcoming you into the Corps. If you buy a blue, gold, or platinum package you will also receive your login details for the app and membership portal.
  5. After logging in, you will be prompted, within a couple days, to complete some forms.
  6. After the forms are completed, you gain access to your exercise program and nutritional coaching plan.
  7. You will receive daily check-in reminders to help maintain accountability and consistence in the RTC app.
  8. You will also gain access to the RTC Facebook Group providing additional support and community with others who have goals common to your own.
  9. E-mail support with your RTC Coach (within guidelines based on the chosen package).

Additionally, with the Gold and Platinum packages:

  1. Scheduled weekly or bi-weekly phone call check-in appointments. Clients are able to schedule these through Calendly.
  2. A monthly/6-Week assessment via video chat (i.e. Skype) is provided. This assessment is for body measurements, weight, mobility, strength, and flexibility. We can also discuss in more detail the challenges in the exercise or nutrition program, and life events.