What are people saying about RTC?

JR Burns

The doctor told me that I would be dead in ten years. Did that motivate me? You would think it would, however, that didn’t even phase me. I did, at least, join the gym with the encouragement and push from my mom. I had lost some weight initially, but it had come to a screeching halt, and I was getting down and depressed. I had dreams and goals, of course, but very little optimism about… READ MORE “JR Burns”

JR Burns

Amelia Suggs

I wanted to start with a personal trainer because I had lost some weight on my own, but I was stuck and looking to lose more. I had also started going to the gym and had seen people weight lifting and doing other types of exercise. I wanted to broaden my horizon of exercise but was afraid of looking stupid and getting hurt. I really needed some guidance on switching up my exercise routine. I… READ MORE “Amelia Suggs”

Bryan Narcisse

RTC is a first-class program. I really enjoyed how after one conversation with Luke, he was able to craft a personalized workout that trained me out of my comfort zone while still honoring preferences that I had in lifting and past injuries I overcame. He not only put together a plan, but called periodically to check in to see if any updates needed to be made as well as to keep me accountable along the… READ MORE “Bryan Narcisse”

Branda Hoffman

Thanks for leading the class of Low-Impact Fitness aerobics. The exercises are beneficial, and we have a lot of fun doing them. There are always jokes, riddles, or some fun going at every session. I would recommend the class to anyone willing to take the time to come twice a week.

Kari Furtick

When my son showed interest in weight training, I contacted Luke from RTC.    At such an impressionable age, I worried that simply purchasing a gym membership would result in the injury of my young teenager, so I wanted him to learn safe techniques for his body.  I knew from the initial session that I made the right choice. Luke started with a prayer to strengthen my son from the inside and went on with healthy workouts… READ MORE “Kari Furtick”

MJ Corne

RTC workouts and having Luke as a trainer have made such a difference in my life and the way I look at myself now.

Tamara Perdue

Luke has worked with several of my basketball players to increase their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.  I could definitely see a difference in the speed and strength as they worked with him throughout the summer and preseason.  The workouts that Luke put together were very challenging for the girls and were designed to increase both their physical and mental endurance!  I would highly recommend RTC to any athletes or anyone who wants to develop… READ MORE “Tamara Perdue”

Stacy Painter

RTC has been wonderful, and I am very happy!  It is well worth the investment of time and money! What changes I have noticed I have noticed various changes including: clothes fitting better, inches lost, increased strength, and more.  In particular, I am seeing a lot of definition in my body.  I can feel the strength and progress in my body with some weight loss as well. What I have learned First, I have learned… READ MORE “Stacy Painter”

Cindy Brinson

I was tired of being tired.  I hated looking in the mirror.  I have two teenage sons, and I want them to look up to me and be proud of me.  I hated the way clothes fit. I was embarrassed to hire a trainer, and I was ashamed of the way I felt and looked when I exercised. Honestly, I hesitated in hiring RTC, but I jumped in and finally committed. Since starting with RTC,… READ MORE “Cindy Brinson”

Pam Williamson

I began with RTC because I was slightly overweight and needed help learning what to do. I was a novice when it came to exercise and proper nutrition. I just didn’t know very much, nor did I trust what I thought I knew. Plus, my gym experience was obsolete; I’ve never joined a gym before and had no idea what to do or where to begin. I was lost. However, I came to the realization… READ MORE “Pam Williamson”

Amanda Jones

My experience with Luke Beasley was awesome and I learned a lot. Even though I straddle away with my bad habits, he continue to send links, educational food facts, and exercises to help fluctuate my life. When I came up with an excuse about not being able to do an exercise, you best believe he had one that was close to it. I really enjoyed it, and I’m going to get back on track. I… READ MORE “Amanda Jones”

Caroline Lawry

I took the 21 Day Challenge because I’m not the greatest at following through on longer commitments. It was just the right length to challenge me without my bailing out. I focused primarily on the eating aspect of the program although there is certainly much more to be had. The suggested habits offered an array of possibilities, but I was cautioned to limit my choices to a few so as not to be overwhelmed. I… READ MORE “Caroline Lawry”

Sara Newman-Frick

I just need to say thanks to these folks. I was enrolled in their training program for a number if months and was seeing very positive results, both in weight loss and stamina. Then, I had to stop due to a previously undiagnosed health issue. I’m going back on a limited basis as soon as it’s allowed. I’ll be the proverbial turtle – slow but sure – and will get it done! Trust me. This… READ MORE “Sara Newman-Frick”

Linda Williams

If you haven’t tried the New Horizon Fitness Center in Swansea, then you are really missing out. The employees are friendly, the gym has first-class equipment and is always clean. Most of my 2 years there, I have been working off and on with Luke Beasley, Relentless Training Corps , CSCS, Pn1, Owner. As a gym trainer, Luke is the best when it comes to understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and he will work with you accordingly, no matter… READ MORE “Linda Williams”

Harris Eckstrom

I came to Luke prior to my wedding wanting to hit some lofty body fat percentage goals. I had about two months. He gave me a workout plan and said I could count on about 2.5 months, if I was eating clean. I was impressed that he didn’t over promise and mis lead me. At the time, I was already spending, on average, 5 days a week in the gym, but I just couldn’t get… READ MORE “Harris Eckstrom”