Stacy Painter

07 Dec

RTC has been wonderful, and I am very happy!  It is well worth the investment of time and money!

What changes I have noticed

I have noticed various changes including: clothes fitting better, inches lost, increased strength, and more.  In particular, I am seeing a lot of definition in my body.  I can feel the strength and progress in my body with some weight loss as well.

What I have learned

First, I have learned basics of what food groups are important for a balanced diet.  I have learned different ways to meal plan and better prepare for success.  The program helped me branch out and try different things, and now I know how different foods affect my body.  Through various lessons and suggestions, I have been able to understand the importance and impact of nutrition for overall health.

Sometimes it can get super overwhelming to know where to start on a health and fitness journey and to have consistent accountability measures for success is so helpful!

I absolutely love the workouts!

I get very intimidated by gym equipment, and after we installed a home gym, it became even more intimidating.  I had no idea on workouts, weights, or form.  All of the above makes me want to run!! But, with the RTC app/portal, the way the workouts are laid out is so helpful.  Each workout has a video demonstration, number or reps and sets, and recommended weight to take guessing out of the question.  Being a busy mom and wife, I need simple, and the workouts, although difficult, are easy to follow.  Plus, I love the variety.  I love that in one given week there is a lot of variety, and week-to-week the workouts are progressive.

I highly recommend RTC. The support and guidance and overall program have been great!