Harris Eckstrom

21 Jun

I came to Luke prior to my wedding wanting to hit some lofty body fat percentage goals. I had about two months. He gave me a workout plan and said I could count on about 2.5 months, if I was eating clean. I was impressed that he didn’t over promise and mis lead me. At the time, I was already spending, on average, 5 days a week in the gym, but I just couldn’t get to where I wanted. I went out to his gym, and he gave me several workout plans spread over a week’s time that not only included sets and reps (with some uniquely paired sets), but he also gave me a target to hit of rest time (something I had not even considered was my issue.) He asked how long I wanted to spend in the gym and designed the workouts perfectly. In LESS than two months, I was where I wanted to be.