Should you love your body?

01 Jun

We all have things we don't like about our body, but is it ok to love "those things" anyway?

Sure, we should love our body to an extent. But, that love should not make us complacent. We have a responsibility to take care of the body we've been given.

I fear these "love your body" mantras have invaded our minds to the point that have become complacent. We have been subtly convinced to “just accept ourselves the way we are,” which can be dangerous. Sure, we have no control over some aspects of our body. However, what about those aspects we do have control over?

If you don't like part of your body, that is completely ok. No person's body is perfect. However, you should try your very best to do something about it, if possible.

If you cringe when you gaze into a mirror because of what you see, well, first identify what is it that you do not like.

Second, determine if “what you don’t like” is something within the realm of possibility for you to positively change (i.e., overweight/overfat, too skinny, the back of your arms, stomach, etc. By the way, most people do not like their love handles. We should remember our bodies do not spot reduce).

Third, choose an avenue toward positive change—exercising, eating cleaner, and/or seeking advice & help.

Finally, GO!

Now, there may be some traits we possess—you know, those qualities outside our control—that we just need to overcome and not get bogged down. Easier said than done right? Well, we would do well to remember that we are all created unique. Yes, paradoxically we are all unique—this is one quality we all have in common.

In conclusion, do what all we can, to the fullest & most reasonable extent and in pursuit honorable character, to love our bodies.

But we all know, love is an action before it’s a feeling. Love works. Loving our bodies means doing something with them for for them. 

There is just something suspicious about doing what we know we ought to do; we feel better, more satisfied, content, and, honestly, happier.