Caroline Lawry

30 May

I took the 21 Day Challenge because I’m not the greatest at following through on longer commitments. It was just the right length to challenge me without my bailing out.

I focused primarily on the eating aspect of the program although there is certainly much more to be had. The suggested habits offered an array of possibilities, but I was cautioned to limit my choices to a few so as not to be overwhelmed.

I chose to work on eating to 80% full and to become aware of precisely what I was putting in my mouth. The 80% full thing was difficult to say the least. What that focus did was to make me conscious of the level of comfort I experienced during the act of eating. Most of the time I mindlessly eat, but this challenge broke up that habit. I lost several pounds during the 21 days although that wasn’t my intention. Needless to say I was pleased, and I was happy to find a way to achieve some weight loss without feeling deprived on a diet.

Since I completed the 21 Day Challenge I have continued to lose a little weight at a time. This result is undoubtedly the biggest payoff of anything like this I’ve ever committed to. 

21 Day Launch