Bryan Narcisse

30 May

RTC is a first-class program. I really enjoyed how after one conversation with Luke, he was able to craft a personalized workout that trained me out of my comfort zone while still honoring preferences that I had in lifting and past injuries I overcame.

He not only put together a plan, but called periodically to check in to see if any updates needed to be made as well as to keep me accountable along the way.

I use RTC even though I live out of town, but I would definitely use it in a more intentional way if I lived in the Columbia area. But, don’t let distance be an excuse. The mobile experience allows you to be connected and to ask questions/get feedback on a regular basis.

As a former athlete, I knew I needed to start lifting again. However, I was unsure what plan to follow or where to start that would actually bring progress as opposed to just activity. With Luke’s help, I feel so much better physically and mentally since I started lifting again.

RTC to GO!