JR Burns

05 Dec

The doctor told me that I would be dead in ten years. Did that motivate me?

You would think it would, however, that didn’t even phase me.

I did, at least, join the gym with the encouragement and push from my mom. I had lost some weight initially, but it had come to a screeching halt, and I was getting down and depressed.

I had dreams and goals, of course, but very little optimism about their actualization.

I wanted to start with a fitness coach because I just could not reach my goals without any help.

Time and money were the typical excuses I had for not beginning earlier in life, but I’m glad I did eventually choose RTC.

What’s crazy is that I didn’t really choose RTC. Luke Beasley (the owner of RTC) approached me in the gym one day, and we had a conversation that lead to 70 lbs of weight loss, numerous inches lost, muscle gain, more energy, no back pain, 10% body fat loss, a great friendship, and an earned nickname “the Animal”.

I never thought in a million years the positive impact RTC could have on me. It was definitely Devine intervention.

I’ve never lost 1 lb. with an excuse, and I never get tired of feeling good.

Now, even the little things in life bring encouragement. For instance, just walking faster across the parking lot and being able to stand and touch my toes, lol.

I thank God for RTC and what it has done for me, and I pray that anyone looking for a change would choose RTC. You will not regret it!

“We ain’t got time to be tired!”

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