Gym Membership: Cost or Savings?

01 Jan

Health is important AND expensive! 

The health industry is huge both in scope and in costs.  From medical & holistic health to fitness & nutrition, our bodies need a lot of attention.  Our health can wear a pretty significant hole in our wallets.

What can we do?

Look objectively at our spending!

It might even make us sick when we think about how much we spend on not being sick.  As we take stock on where we spend our hard-earned money, we can see where we can cut and reinvest.

Health insurance, injuries/illness, doctor visits, prescription bills, etc. all add up to a great sum.  The last thing we want to do is spend more money on our health by buying a gym membership.

What if a gym membership (and/or hiring a trainer) can actually save you money and help you feel better?

Walk with me for a moment…

On average, we can spend around $25-$30 a month (around $300-$360 a year) on a gym membership with the goal of becoming healthier.  Albiet, simply paying for a gym membership doesn’t automatically produce healthy benefits.  We have to put in the work or, admittedly, we’re just wasting our money.

If we invest money in a membership AND consistently invest time in actually going to the gym, all we need to do is save $30 per month in another health area to breakeven. 

That money and time could lead to a savings in prescription costs.  Or, what if we get sick just one less time in a year?  That could save us money in over-the-counter meds and missed productivity at work.  Plus, if we are healthier because of a gym membership, we may be able to reduce our health and life insurance costs.

But, what if I have a family to take care of?

It can get dicey when raising kids and a spouse, but what if the whole family began to eat healthier (which might cost more when buying whole, natural foods) and to exercise?  Then we could have less medical expenses across the board.  Plus, everyone feels better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We shouldn’t view gym membership/exercise expenses as a luxury, or unnecessary, expenditure.  We should, instead, see these investments as helpful to decreasing overall health and medical expenses, saving us much more in actual costs and lost opportunities and productivity in the long run.  I will qualify this statement and admit a gym membership is not absolutely necessary because you don’t have to have a gym to be healthy.  However, in my experience and observations, people tend to invest time and effort where they have invested their money.

Ultimately, the most critical point of this subject is that we actually invest time in being active, exercising, and eating healthy so we truly become healthy.  We must have a plan.  A change in perspective is important.  Where can I get the best return on my investment?  Consider options like:

Realistically analyze your budget and options.  Choose the best option.  Then put your choice to work!